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Boarding Updates for 2024

Notice regarding CIV (Canine Influenza Virus):
Due to an increased number of upper respiratory illnesses in canines in our region, we are now requiring all dogs to be vaccinated for CIV (H3N8 & H3N2) in full for boarding or day care services. (Bivalent 2 in 1 vaccine) Also, Bordetella Booster oral administered every year or intranasal every 6 months. Please contact your veterinarian today to ensure you are up to date before all your upcoming stays. Updated vet records will need to be forwarded prior to boarding in your Ginger Parent Portal

 Lodging Check ins
1.     Please place each individual meal including treats in a Ziploc bag labeled with pet’s name (each meal in a separate bag) If 2 dog family please put each family members food separate per feeding with name on each bag. If including extra food for puppies or just in case, please label bag “Extra food” and the same with lunch if receiving lunch.
2.    All medications including supplements must be original bottles/ packaging with clear instructions at drop off. Do not mix meds in food bags.
3.    Any special requirements/instruction for food mixing or medication dispersing please include a note for clarity to team. Including if slow feeder is necessary or elevated bowl. We have all needed supplies including bowls, beds, blankets, toys and extra food on hand.
4.    All dogs should have a quick release collar on for safety and all dogs require a collar during their stay at camp. They will be walked to and from your car on a leash for safety.
5.    Work with your veterinarian for seasonal flea/tick preventative and worming as needed.
6.    Our hours for pick up/drop off are 7am-7pm. Please call/text when 15 minutes out and we will prepare for departure/arrival. 703-395-3912 text at arrival and wait outside gate for a dog wrangler to assist you. Please do not let dogs out of car to run freely for safety. 
7.    We accept Zelle (Happy Hounds Lodge LLC / 703-395-3490), Cash, Checks and Credit Cards. Please pay at time of pickup.
*      In the event you need to cancel please notify us as soon as possible and always book in advance for any upcoming stays (esp. holidays and weekends) to guarantee availability.

Please respect the wildlife and other travelers on our gravel driveway and drive no more than 10mph to avoid

damage to your car and others.