Happy Hounds Lodge does offer pickup and delivery services. However, reservations do fill up very quickly and we may not be able to accommodate all guests. For a price guide as well as pickup and delivery requests, please visit our online reservations request page.  Reservation Requests

                         PEace of Mind (Your dog is A GUEST in our home AND IS OUR FAMILY)

                                  Your Happy Hound will benefit from many activities as a guest here at the Lodge. Adventures exploring, the scents of wildlife in the woods, and shallow doggie pools on those hot summer days. Guests will enjoy vigorous runs around our enclosed 12 acre property, games of fetch, or catching a few rays on the deck before dinner. We are not a concrete floor and metal cage kennel; in fact, we would never use the word kennel to describe what we do here at Happy Hounds Lodge. We believe that our philosophy is not only the best, but also the most natural way to care for our best friends. Reservation Request

                             Extended and overnight stays (Just tell them they're going camping)

                                   Our guests can stay overnight, a week, or even longer! We offer 24 hour individual attention to each of our guests. Check-in starts at 7am and Check-out ends at 7pm. We do extend a 10% discount to all military families and veterans. For more information on rates, hours and FAQ's,  click on the following link.  Reservation Requests

what we offer


                    Veterinary Care (Because Dr. Jonathan Reiss also gets YOUR busy schedulE)

                                  We are proud to have a partnership with Dr. Jonathan Reiss of Reiss Mobile Vet for our guests. Reiss Mobile Vet is proud to serve the pets and people in the Round Hill, VA area. The veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by Jonathan Reiss, a licensed, experienced veterinarian, and his knowledgeable staff. Reiss Mobile Vet


                    Meals (Love & sausages are alike, You can never have too much of either)

                                  Sudden changes to your dog’s diet can cause a variety of intestinal upsets. We ask that all guests bring their own food and provide us with detailed diet instructions to help minimize any upsets. We will always be happy to dispense any medications your dog may require, free of charge.



                                              What supplies should I bring for my dog?

                                        Please bring a supply of your dog's food, medications, and a collar. No harnesses or leashes please.


                                   What should I leave at home?

                                        Please leave your dog's toys and dishes at home.

​                                   Why do you ask that I call 10 minutes before I arrive or pickup my dog?

                                        Our guests love to let us know when someone has arrived at the gate. Rather than distract them from

                                        playing and resting, we like to know when you'll arrive so we can prepare.


                                   When is bedtime?

                                       Bedtime is around 10pm. Many times, they will put themselves to bed a bit earlier after a long day.


                                   When are mealtimes?

                                        Breakfast is served at 8AM and dinner is served at 6PM.

                                   What if I have more questions?

                                        Email us: info@happyhoundslodge.com